Saturday 16 June 2012

Super Lamb

OK. Is this a joke we hear you ask. After all, Liverpool already has its very own mascot - The Liver Bird. So just where does The Super Lamb Banana fit in?. Well it was designed by a Japanese artist called Taro Chiezo apparently to warn of the dangers of genetic engineering and to symbolise the playful spirit of Liverpool. Hmmmmmm.

Further investigation reveals that this 7.5 ton sculpture cost £35,000. The sculpture is supposed to represent the head of a lamb blended into a banana. The statue was completed in 1998 and is painted bright yellow. You can't miss it as its close to the Albert Dock and along the main road. The exhibit at Liverpool's waterfront has caused quite a stir.

Locals would appear divided as to whether or not they like the sculpture. Some hate it with a vengeance and others have come to love it. Whatever your opinion, the Super Lamb Banana takes centre stage in Liverpool and will probably remain the centre of controversy for some time.

What about a sheep blended with a leek for our friends in Wales? Painted illuminous green it could be used to perhaps symbolise Cardiff?

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