Sunday 10 June 2012

Land's End

Land's End is a well visited attraction. It boasts stunning scenery and adds a touch of magical flavour to its history as a place with ancient fables and mysticism. In truth, this is a business and Land's End is owned by the O'Groats Trading Company who are doing very nicely thank you out of this most westerley tip of British Rock.

There are of course much nicer places with much more spectacular scenery than at Land's End. Land's End is a bit spartan and bleak but nevertheless, it is the most southerly tip of the UK and the complex that now stands on this spot offers good services and entertainment. You wouldn't spend a week here but its still worth a visit and there are some interesting places nearby that are well worth the trip.

The attractions at Land's End include various exhibitions and multimedia presentations about Air Sea Rescue, Land's End to John O'Groats stories and Return to the Last Labyrinth - a whole new journey into wonder. An enthralling world brought to life with images, sound and stunning special effects. Other attractions include shops and various maritime pieces including a full size lifeboat and fishing trawler.

When you ask people what is their most memorable feature of Land's End they almost always tell you that it is having their photo taken by the sign that shows the distance to your home town and a host of other places. This novelty and enterprising money spinner has been going since the 1960's and is a well known feature of Land's End.

You wont spend long here unless you decide to visit the attractions or stop for a bite to eat but you just can't miss Land's End. I mean, who would?. It just has to be visited doesn't it?. You have to be able to say that you have been there!

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