Friday 15 June 2012


Pembrokeshire is renowned for its breathtaking coastline and sandy beaches. This is a seaside paradise and an idyllic place for a great beach holiday. However, thats not all that Pembrokeshire has to offer.

Whilst the South Coast of England might be crowded and congested this is certainly not the case in Pembrokeshire. With its fabulous landscape and unique Welsh villages, the countryside is captivating and enchanting. It is unspoilt and a perfect place to unwind and forget about the stress of city living.

Almost a third of Pembrokeshire is in the National Park which includes almost all of the coast. The coastline is habitat for a variety of sea birds and wildlife that is not generally found elsewhere in the UK in such numbers. Seals, porpoises and dolphins frequent this coastline and can often be seen with a little patience.

Many of the coastal towns and villages are featured here in the links but if you click on the photographs section you can see some of the coastal and countryside scenes captured on this trip around the Welsh Coast.

Click here for photos of Pembrokeshire


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