Sunday 10 June 2012

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is not an old Cathedral of ancient times. It was actually built in the last century and is pretty new by Cathedral Standards. It is often said that no one in today's modern world would have the inclination or the patience to build a cathedral on the scale of some of the ancient and impressive Cathedrals that can be found in Britain and Europe.

Liverpool has done just that. Construction began in 1923 and the Cathedral was used for the first time in 1941 although the building was incomplete. The Cathedral survived the bombings of the Second World War although one bomb was deflected off the Cathedral roof and exploded in a nearby street. In 1978 a Service of Dedication and Thanksgiving celebrated the opening of the Cathedral. Queen Elizabeth II was in attendance.

Liverpool Cathedral can proudly boast to be the largest Cathedral in Britain. It is also the fifth largest Cathedral in the world. The Grand Organ is an impressive feature of the Cathedral and was made by Henry Willis in 1926. It took 3 years to build. Visiting Liverpool, you are sure to catch a glimpse of this beautiful infrastructure. On closer examination the shear size of the building is bound to impress.

The dimensions and diagrams of the structure can be found at:

For photos of Liverpool & Merseyside click here


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