Sunday 17 August 2014


Ipswich in Suffolk is situated on the estuary of the River Orwell. It used to be a manufacturing town but most of the manufacturing has moved away or closed down. This is the largest town in Suffolk with a population of 133,000. Much new building has take place to improve the town.

This town has a rich architectural history and many important and influential people have had connections with the town. Geoffrey Chaucer, Thomas Gainsborough, Charles Dickens and Lord Nelson would all have been familiar with the town having been either born or resident here.

Although the likes of Ransomes lawnmowers, Sims & Jefferies and the large sugar beet factory have all closed or moved this is still a Haven Port through which millions of tonnes of freight passes through it every year. Serviced by a reasonable number of small cafes, restaurants and bars Ipswich is a pleasant town with an excellent dock area and well worth a visit.

For photos of Ispwich click here

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