Wednesday 1 May 2013

Haldon Belvedere

Haldon Belvedere or Lawrence Castle is a spectacular tower and landmark in Dunchideock in Devon. The tower dominates the skyline for miles around and dates back to the 1700's when it used to form part of the estate of Sir Robert Palk, a Governor and employee of the famous East India Company.

The estate once formed a grandoise manor house in an estate of 11,600 acres. The Best Western Lord Haldon House Hotel nearby is part of what was once the great house stable block and servants quarters. Sir Robert Palk was one of the richest men in England and no expense was spared in the construction of this significant estate which has seen its fair share of important visitors and royalty over the years.

Now a Grade II listed building, the traingular tower provides some magnificent views across the Devon countryside. The best and most panoramic views are of course from the platform at the top of the tower which is open for a small admission charge at various times during the year. The building was renovated in 1994 by the Devon Historic Buildings Trust and is a very popular and well known Civil Ceremonies Wedding venue.

For more photographs of Haldon Belvedere click here

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