Wednesday 19 December 2012

Russian Submarine - Medway

Visitors crossing Rochester Bridge might be shocked to catch a glimpse of a large Russian 
submarine moored in the river. Rusting and neglected she definitely needs some tender loving care. However, in the half light of an evening sunset it does cut a strange silhouette on the Medway skyline.

Purchased by the Russian Submarine company it had previously been moored in London and finally Folkestone before finding its way to the Medway. The problem with any vessel this size is finding a suitable mooring spot for it. The B49 submarine was retired from service in 1994 after her decommission and 23 years under the command of Captain Vitalij Burda from the Russian Naval base in Riga.

Built in 1967 the vessel would have served in the Baltic seas. In later days it was used to train 
friendly nations forces and to play cat and mouse military games with NATO warships and submarines. Known as the "Black Widow" ex Russian Foxtrot B-39 (U 475) this is a Hunter Killer Class Submarine. 

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