Sunday 30 September 2012

Isle of Wight


The Isle of Wight is the largest island in England. Visiting the island means taking a ferry from either Southampton or Portsmouth. We chose Portsmouth to Fishbourne for the half hour or so crossing. With a distance of just 7 miles between the island and the mainland both are visible at all times during the crossing. This is one of the most expensive ferry crossings in the world. Taking a car over for a day trip is £51 with one passenger. That is an expensive 14 miles round trip!.

Once you reach the other side you are, not surprisingly, still in England and it looks that way too. There seems very little to distinguish it from the mainland. Due to its location as one of the most southerly parts of the UK it will come as no surprise to learn that this is also one of the sunniest locations in England and a popular tourist destination as a result. This brings additional benefits to the islanders farmers since they have a longer growing season than most other areas of the UK.

We had time to take a look at Cowes, a pretty little coastal town and home to the International Yacht Racing Regatta known as 'Cowes Week' which takes place every August. We also visited the inland town of Newport, famous for its Parkhurst Prison and annual music festival. There is much to see and do on the  Isle of Wight and with its 13 award winning beaches and abundance of sunshine and it is bound to continue to be a popular destination with tourists.


Photographs of the Isle of Wight ( Cowes and Newport )

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