Sunday 17 June 2012


This was one of our favourite parts of North Norfolk. We cycled through Sheringham Park National Trust Estate and on towards the cliffs and the coastal village of Weybourne. The views of the countryside are astounding. On a clear sunny day this has to be one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

As you pass through the agricultural pastures and heathland towards the cliffs you see the smoke trails from the historic steam train, a windmill in the distance and then the deep blue sparkling see as you look over the cliff tops and the shimmering shingle beach below. Even in peak season there is so much beach as to make this appear empty. If you are prepared to walk a little you can claim your own deserted patch of the beach for the day.

Nearer to the village of Weybourne you start to see more people.  Fishermen cast straight from the beach here as the steep shores make for good angling. This is not really a bathing beach or a place to paddle or swim at all but its beauty is breathtaking.


The Muckleborough collection is located nearby and is home to the UK’s largest private collection of military vehicles and exhibits.

Bird sanctuaries, flatlands and marshes run parallel with sandy and pebbled beaches that stretch for miles along this largely unpolluted  and natural coastline.

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