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Portmeirion is famous as the location for the 1960's series The Prisoner.There is a dedicated shop to the Prisoner following that still holds its annual get together at Portmeirion each year. This inspiring Italian style village is just two miles from Porthmadog. It has been used on a number of film sets for various productions.

The village was designed by Sir Clough William-Ellis and intended to caputure the atmosphere of the mediterranean. The village was built over a period of 50 years, having been completed in 1975. A visit to Portmeirion is a truly unique experience and there is nothing else like this anywhere in the UK.

Today Portmeirion is a charitable trust as well as a busy tourist attraction. The complex features a hotel and self catering cottages along with shops, eating facilities and a pottery gallery.

This is a true family day out since children and adults alike will marvel and the wonderful almost enchanting character of the village and its slightly out of place environment of the Welsh countryside.

The gardens and woodlands are extensive and definately worth visiting. Of particular interest will be the lake, Chinese Pagoda and bridge, along with the castle grounds. All the walks provide the visitor with interesting views at every turn and the village itself comes to an abrupt end at a spectacular sandy inland beach on the Dwyryd estuary.

Castell Deudraeth was added to the Portmeirion complex in 2001 and has been completely renovated along with its beautiful gardens. Portmeirion now has the facilities for weddings and conferences.

No trip to North Wales could be complete without a visit to Portmeirion.
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