Friday 15 June 2012


Plymouth sits on the border of Devon and Cornwall. The countryside around Plymouth is beautiful and Dartmoor and the English Riviera are nearby. Plymouth is a great place to stay and excellent for sightseeing. Many tourists make Plymouth their holiday destination and then travel around on day trips to other locations. Eddyston Lighthouse/Smeaton's Tower is Plymouth's most well known landmark and stands proudly on Plymouth Hoe.

The Mayflower Steps in Plymouth are where the Pilgrim Fathers left on the Mayflower. Plymouth in Massachusetts is named after the city. This is the home of Francis Drake and his famous escapades with the Spanish are well documented.

The Barbican area of Plymouth is at the heart of the old city and is a wonderful example of how modern restaurants, shops and pubs can blend in with an old and preserved environment. The Barbican is a hive of activitiy with bustling crowds, colourful displays and street side artists, an Elizabethan House built in 1548, a glass works and a busy fish market. What a wonderful atmosphere the Barbican has.

Plymouth and the surrounding area simply has it all. We went to Plymouth expecting something different. We were pleasantly suprised. This is an impressive place and one we would recommend strongly. The open top tour bus is also a must. Also try the Nationnal Aquarium and the Plymouth Dome. There is just so much to see and do. Don't miss out on Plymouth.

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