Sunday 10 June 2012


Ilfracombe is the largest town on the North Devon coast. It boasts golden Blue Flag beaches with beautiful countryside and panoramic coastal views. It is also close to Exmoor.

There are a wide range of things to do and see. The town is a large town and the most visited on the North Devon coast. It has plenty of shops, restaurants and facilities. There are many secluded coves and sandy beaches near Ilfracombe. Trips to the Lundy Island on the M.S. Oldenbury leave regularly from Ilfracombe.

The new Landmark Theatre & Pavillion and harbour development has complimented the existing attractions, and in the case of the harbour, actually increased the number of visiting yachts and pleasure craft. Let us not forget that like most towns and villages on this coastline, fishing is still a part of daily life for some folk. The world's only remaining ocean going steam ship, The Waverley, runs trips in and out of Ilfracombe.

Ilfracombe has been around since the bronze age. It's name is derived from the Anglo Saxon "Alfrincombe" which means wooded vally of Alfred ( after King Alfred ). The Domesday book entry confirms this. Like most coastal towns and villages of this region it has a history of smuggling and profiteering from shipwrecks.

Ilfracombe is unique and has a village feel about it even though it is quite a large town.

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