Monday 4 June 2012

Conwy & Castle

Conwy is a market town with a very famous castle. It is a popular tourist destination on the north coast of Wales. There is certainly plenty to do and see in Conwy.

The town boasts a 14th century merchant's house owned by the National Trust called Aberconwy House. This is believed to be the oldest town house in Wales and it has been carefully restored by the National Trust to reflect the daily life of its residents in the 14th century.

Conwy is also home to the smallest house in Great Britain. Well worth a visit there is more room in a modern camper van than in this place. It is located on the quayside and measures 3 metres x 1.8 metres. It has actually been occupied since the 1500's.

Conwy Castle was built in the late 13th century on the orders of Edward I as part of his conquest of Wales. The site was originally an Abbey which had been founded by Llyweln the Great. The castle is without doubt one of the finest in Wales and was certainly one of the most expensive to build.

The castle guards the entrance to the River Conwy. The castle walls are over 15 feet thick and the castle towers over 70 feet high. A visit to Conwy is not complete without a visit to Conwy Castle.

Visitors to the castle will notice a suspension bridge which spans the River Conwy. It was built by Thomas Telford in 1826. Telford even went to the trouble of matching the supporting columns of the bridge with the castle turrets. The bridge is now owned by the National Trust and you can take a stroll over the bridge.
You can't really holiday along the North Coast of Wales without a visit to Conwy. With its pretty cottages and maritime history, it has a unique charm all of its own. Take a day out from the sandy beaches and experience this fine town and you will be glad that you did.

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