Monday 4 June 2012

Chesil Beach

Chesil Beach is a long shingle ridge that joins with Portland and extends to Burton Bradstock covering some 18 miles. At Burton Bradstock there is a visitor centre and access to the beach. By far the best views are from Portland where these photographs were taken.

There is a history of shipwrecks on Chesil Beach, caused by the strong sea breeze and tides. In 1749 the Dutch vessel 'Hope' encountered storms in the English Channel and ran aground with a cargo of gold and silver. The locals had a field day and the hapless Dutch had to fend for themselves and make their way to shore and safety, abandoning their ship and its precious cargo.

The beach is thought to be over 5000 years old. This is a popular shore diving and fishing site and has been designated as a "special site of scientific interest".

For photos of Chesil Beach click here

You can also view the photos on You Tube

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