Monday 4 June 2012

Castell Henllys

The Castell Henllys site was acquired by the National Park Authority in 1991 and has and is continually being developed as a historical and rural interpretation facility.

Castell Henllys shows us what it was like to live in iron age society and defended settlements such as this replica on an original site show us how the Celtic inhabitants lived and worked. The Welsh and Gaelic language is based on Celtic and the site allows us to build up a picture of life in those early settlements which date back to circa 1000 BC.

Castell Henllys was a defended settlement and some areas are still under excavation. The level of detail and authenticity of the site with its smouldering fires and items of every day life make this a wonderful 'step back in time' adventure. An ideal location for family trips and surrounded by beautiful Welsh countryside, this is most definately worth a visit.

What makes this site particularly important is that archaeologists have been excavating here for over twenty years and thatched Iron Age buildings have been reconstructed on their original foundations.

For photographs of Castell Henllys click here

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