Friday 26 April 2013


Situated just 50 miles from London, Cambridge is a university city in East Anglia. Built on low lying fen lands the city has had to be drained over the years to cope with expansion. It is a beautiful and historic city and attracts a large number of national and international students as well as thousands of tourists.

There has been a settlement here since before Roman times. The River Cam would have played an important part in the cities growth over the centuries. Cambridge was once under Viking rule and it did not become a city until 1951. The world famous University of Cambridge has put Cambridge on the international map as well as provide a workforce where over 40% have a higher educational qualification. No surprise then that Cambridge is also known as the Silcon Valley of the Fens.

With its narrow streets and old buildings, bicycles outnumbering cars and plenty of quality restaurants, cafes and bars, Cambridge is definately worth a visit. 

Further photos can be found here

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