Sunday 30 September 2012


The name Horsham is thought to originate from the words 'Horse Ham' which means a place where horses are kept or the land on which horses are kept ( the word ham being home ). Originally a market town on the River Arun it has been known as a horse trading town since Saxon times.


Horsham branches out from the Carfax. You will hear this word used a lot. It is derived from the Latin word meaning 'four forked' which in Horsham's case is the place where four roads meet up and where the modern day town of Horsham grew up around.

Horsham is an affluent Sussex town with a good number of well known chain stores and independents. The Rising Universe, an eye catching fountain in the main shopping precinct is designed to catch your attention. Known locally as the Shelly Fountain it is a large and moving water sculpture. The ball rises and falls as water cascades from it.

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