Sunday 17 June 2012


This small town on the River Bure serves as an entry point for the Norfolk Broads and is a popular tourist attraction with day trippers and those hiring boats of all sizes for river trips and Norfolk Broad holidays.


This pretty town is quite busy in the summer months and is often regarded as the capital of the Norfolk Broads. Visitors wandering around the town cannot fail to notice that Roys of Wroxham owns quite a few stores here, one in particular being quite large and selling a wide range of household goods and products.


Wroxham has some interesting independent shops and the absence of many high street chains is refreshing. Shoppers will find many unique items here and there are several good places to eat and drink.

Wroxham is actually two villages that have merged together. Originally Hoveton was on one side of the river and Wroxham on the other. Those taking a river trip towards the broads will be quick to notice that there are many fine homes along the riverbank in Wroxham. Many of these are holiday homes of the wealthy city dwellers that live in London and elsewhere.

It is possible to hire a small launch for an hour and after 15 or 20 minutes you will reach part of the Norfolk Broads. For the more adventurous a whole host of rivers and lakes await exploration, limited only by the amount of time you have.

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