Sunday 17 June 2012


This is probably one of the most under rated towns around the coast of Britain. Due to its close proximity to the Sellafield Nuclear Plant many tourists might be put off by paying a visit to Whitehaven. However, they are missing out on this little gem of a town.

Originally named Whitehaven due to it being the 'haven between the white cliffs', this small fishing village in 1600 grew to become the second largest port in England. Today Whitehaven is a tourist destination and its shipping has moved to larger ports such as Liverpool and Bristol.

The Beacon shown here in the photo provides an interactive experience of the history of the area through the ages.  Some great views of the harbour from this 5 floor lighthouse.

Take a stroll down the pier to the lighthouse. This impressive structure is well worn by the wind and the sea but provides impressive views of the harbour and the town. A good place for those that like fishing too.

Whitehaven is a must if you are visiting the Lake District. Spend some time here and include it in your tour of Cumbria. You will be glad that you paid it a visit.

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