Sunday 17 June 2012

Westward Ho!

Westward Ho has a long pebbled beach with a rugged coastline. Long established as a holiday resort, Westward Ho has undoubtedly been spoiled by the amusement centres and tacky holiday camps which have all contributed to a run down and second rate holiday resort. This may sound scathing but when you look around for websites expressing the virtues of Westward Ho they are very hard to find.

The author Charles Kingsley lived in North Devon and wrote his novel Westward Ho!. This certainly placed Westward Ho on the map. In fact, the town was named after the book!

Northam Burrows is nearby and not as well known as Westward Ho but it is an excellent stretch of unspoilt sands. A great place to escape away from it all.

Click here for photos of Westward Ho

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