Sunday 17 June 2012

Wells next Sea

Locally known as Wells and not to be confused with the City of Wells in Somerset, this town is very busy and popular with the tourists in peak season. Unfortunately on the day we visited the pay and display machines in the main car park were out of order, the town had an untidy feel about it with rather too many overflowing litter bins. To make things worse the two sets of public toilets we visited were absolutely disgusting.


Wells is named as Guella in the Domesday Book which takes its name from Anglian Wella ( a spring ). This used to be a major port for North Norfolk and a recently renovated granary on the sea frontage is proof of that. It is still popular with shipping albeit the majority of vessels are now pleasure boats.


Fishing is still popular here and like Cromer and Sheringham the crab is a popular seafood that can be bought here. Shellfish are also available along with other traditional seafoods.
As you will see from the surrounding countryside, corn is a popular crop in these parts. It was corn that provided the main source of income and it was corn that was shipped from Wells prior to tourism becoming established.

What many people may not know is that Wells used to be much closer to the sea. However, silting of the harbour now means that it sits a mile from the sea. Fishing is popular here and there are several shops selling angling equipment. The town itself has a thriving shopping area and several places to eat and drink including a couple of excellent fish and chip shops.

The side streets with their Georgian houses and pebble dash cottages with their well tended gardens are delightful on a summers evening. The Wells Harbour Railway takes passengers from the harbour to the beach.

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