Saturday 16 June 2012


Saundersfoot used to be a small fishing village. There was also some shipbuilding here. In the 1800's Saundersfoot became very popular with the black gold rush when high quality anthracite was found locally. This coal was in demand and in 1829 a whole new harbour was built and railways shipped the coal to the harbour from six mines.

With the decline of coal sales and other more profitable coal mining operations both in the UK and abroad, the mining ceased and Saundersfoot became a popular tourist destination.

This is one of the most visited tourist resorts in Wales along with its equally if not more popular neighbour, the town of Tenby, some 3 miles away. The countryside and scenery is fabulous and the shopping and recreational facilities superb. Be sure to visit the fish market and the local butcher who has won several awards and sells the freshest and most succulent Welsh lamb that you will ever come across.

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