Saturday 16 June 2012


Rhyl is a town in the county of Denbighshire. It used to be a Victorian resort and is still a popular destination today. Much of the holiday  accommodation tends to be found in the caravan parks along the coast road.

The population of Rhyl has changed dramatically over the years. During the early nineteenth century it was a small village with a population of around 300. During the Victorian era it became quite fashionable as a tourist resort and today it has a population of around 25,000 people.

Rhyl used to have a famous pavilion, an ornate building with five domes which unfortunately was demolished in the 1970's. Today there is the Sky Tower and a Childrens Village Theme Park. Rhyl has its own iundoor leisure swimming pool, an indoor monorail and an indoor surfing pool.

Efforts are being made to boost tourism with a number of projects which have included the £85 million Ocean Plaza complex and plans to re-develop the promendade area and re-open the town's miniature railway. The promenade and Drift Park are impressive and add a new dimension to the town.

The beaches here are excellent and stretch for seven miles making this an ideal location for any family holiday. All the traditional thrills and spills of a British seaside resort can be found here and there is something for everyone.

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