Saturday 9 June 2012

Hinkley Point

Work at Hinkley Point A began in 1957 and the station began producing electricity in 1965. In May 2000, based on the expense of producing nuclear electricity and maintenance costs required, the decision was made to close the station and decommissioning began.

The visitor centre at Hinkley deals with the story of decommissioning Hinkley Point A. Tours are free of charge and there is a comprehensive and well presented exhibition which explains how a nuclear station is made safe after active use. The transportation of nuclear waste has always worried people but at Hinkley you can see a video of a train travelling at 125 m.p.h. with a nuclear waste container on board. The simulated and very real test and crash that followed left the container undamaged.

Leave Junction 23 or 24 of the M5 and follow signs to Bridgwater. Take the A39 to Minehead. Once you have passed through Bridgwater, after approx 3 miles you should turn off the A39 at the village of Cannington. Hinkley Point is signposted clearly from Cannington. 

Photos of Hinkley Point

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