Monday 4 June 2012

City of Bath

Bath is an amazing city which is very popular with tourists and almost always busy. Bath is best explored on foot and we would highly recommend the park and ride system as Bath is notoriously bad for traffic jams, particularly at weekends. Bath can boast the only hot thermal springs in the country and to top it all the Roman Baths have been excavated and restored to provide a magnificent example of Roman architecture and culture.

The Roman Baths are without doubt the most popular destination in Bath but this is a lively and unique city with an atmosphere all of its own. There is plenty to see and do in and around the city of Bath. Bath Abbey dates back to 1499 when it replaced a Norman structure destroyed by fire. The open tour buses, of which there are several, offer a convenient and informative way of exploring the city. The Museum of Bath at Work in Julian Road provides an account of the story of Bath and its industrial heritage.

In Bath Abbey there is a monument to Richard Nash who is reputed to have been one of the three people responsible for turning Bath into a fashionable spa town. In truth, Bath had declined rapidly since Roman times and numbers had dwindled to around 2000 inhabitants.

Things certainly changed from the early 1700's when Bath once again enjoyed prosperity and interest as a popular Georgian spa town.

Without doubt Nash's influence and persistance as Bath's Master of Ceremonies ensured that Bath got new pavements, lighting and elegant new buildings which attracted the wealthy. Architects and merchants flocked to the city thus ensuring its success which has continued to this day.

Bath is blessed with numerous quality restaurants and a variety of bars, antique shops and unique trading outlets.

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