Monday 4 June 2012


Brixham is still a working fishing town in the county of Devon. It is famous for being the town where the trawler was invented and Brixham still has a worthy trawler fleet operating on a day to day basis from its busy harbour. You can purchase some excellent fresh fish here at Brixham which is sold early each morning from the fish market.

William II of Orange landed here with his army in 1688 and many locals have Dutch surnames as a result of integration and the settlement of the Dutch soldiers who remained behind. A replica of Sir Francis Drake's ship the Golden Hind is a major attraction and is moored in the harbour.

Although fishing is an important part of daily life in Brixham, tourism is also of major importance. The narrow streets and unique shops, bars and cafes make it a good place to stop off and take a look around. There is actually a marina and a harbour at Brixham and the town has a certain unique look and feel that make it a popular destination with tourists.

Brixham does have several beaches, the main one being Breakwater Beach. Scuba diving is also popular here.

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